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Our vegan easy grow range comes with everything you need to grow within a stylish modern pot created from plant fibre, and a handmade label with instructions. Inside the pot you will find vegan soil with added nutrients and organic seeds of your choice. The pots come in various colours and two sizes, small  8 x 8 x 15cm and large 10 x 10 x 20cm as seen in the gallery. Our vegan easy grow plant fibre pots are not recyclable but they are reusable, just wipe clean with a damp cloth and reuse. We recommend that you place the pots on a tray.


More alternative pots coming soon, for large vegetable grows such as potatoes.


As with all herb and vegetable grows, you can add extra plant feed for a lush growth such as 5F's general fertilizer

or for liquid feed add Nu Gro. 

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