Vegan Soil is a multipurpose soil which is perfect for transplants, containers, vegetable patches and propagation. Vegan Soil contains slow release nutrients for strong, even growth and contains certified organic coir, and made from vegetable matter and peat free. All ingredients acceptable to vegetarians and vegans. 


Vegan Soil and Vegan Easy Grow are registered with the Vegan Society 


As with all soils, you will need to add foliar or liquid feeds for the most lush growth. to add extra plant food whilst potting add a small amount of 5F's general fertiliser or a liquid feed add Nu Gro.

Vegan Soil comes in manageable easy to carry 10 litre paper  100% recyclable sacks. For larger sacks please contact us or alternatively on

+44 799090 5878 

Collection on appointment

Trade welcome

National pallet deliveries can be arranged

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